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Listen to Mike and Justin discuss every episode of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning!

September 30, 2016

Episode 16 - “Hidden Danger” and “A Race Against Death”

Mike and Justin continue their journey through 'The Sensorites' with the 3rd and 4th episodes, "Hidden Danger" and "A  Race Against Death" as the plot takes a somewhat unexpected turn away from the spaceship danger of the previous episodes into exploring the Sensorites' culture and politics. It's a welcome twist as this serial continues to deliver some of the best episodes of the season. Topics of discussion include: Susan, her agency or lack thereof, and her growth as compared to the other characters; Sensorite Politics, Turning a potential disadvantage into an advantage vis-a-vis Sensorite costuming, Long prep sequences for disintegration, The best of water, Crystal Water, it's for the Elders!, Figuring things out expediently, The Doctor makes with the science, Ian is infected with crazy limbs, Stash Stealing Shenanigans, Futile antidote interception, and scary dark loud sewer tunnels. Join us, won't you?

The Doctor Who Hour is a weekly show in which two friends, veteran Who-watcher Justin and first-time Who-watcher Mike, sit down to watch and discuss every episode of Doctor Who, starting from the very beginning. Follow us on Twitter @DoctorWhoHour or email us at TheDoctorWhoHour@gmail.com with questions, concerns, or just general nonsense.

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