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Listen to Mike and Justin discuss every episode of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning!

July 22, 2016

Episode 6 - “The Edge of Destruction” and “The Brink of Disaster”

This week we tackle our first of very few two-part classic Who serials, 'The Edge of Destruction', comprised of the episodes "The Edge of Destruction" and "The Brink of Disaster". You, the listening audience, get a whole serial covered in this one thrilling episode! Topics of discussion include: Why a two-part serial?, the brilliance of David Whitaker, creepy Susan is creepy, the Tardis goes nowhere for once, electric shocks, the Doctor/companion tension comes to a head, a nefarious new plot by the Daleks, sabotage, Barbara is best character, the Doctor makes drinks, fault locators, a completely insane ending to a great episode. Join us, won't you?

The Doctor Who Hour is a weekly show in which two friends, veteran Who-watcher Justin and first-time Who-watcher Mike, sit down to watch and discuss every episode of Doctor Who, starting from the very beginning. Follow us on Twitter @DoctorWhoHour or email us at TheDoctorWhoHour@gmail.com with questions, concerns, or just general nonsense.

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