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December 24, 2016

Episode 27 - “Conspiracy” and “Inferno”

We're back with a brand new recording method, from a real live studio, in exciting new quality! This also led to some real learning curves for me editing, which is why we missed posting this last week. Sorry! Got it down now though! Anyway, we discuss the back half of 'The Romans', specifically the episodes "Conspiracy" and "Inferno". No, not THAT Inferno, we won't get there for another two years or so! Nero fiddles, Rome burns, the Doctor gets silly, Vicky takes potions at Howarts, Ian gets in some fights, and Barbara gets chased around by Nero. Some people's plots are better than others, what can we say? Oh and Tavius is hiding a BIG, super crazy secret! I refuse to spoil it if you haven't listened to it yet, but man does it come out of nowhere..

We won't have a new episode next week because of the Holidays, but we look forward to starting 2017 with The Web Planet on January 6th! Until then, be safe, happy holidays, and thank you ever so much for listening to us this year!


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