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Listen to Mike and Justin discuss every episode of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning!

November 11, 2016

Episode 22 - “World’s End” and “The Daleks”

Everyone's favorite program-saving robot-wearing alians are finally returning to Doctor Who this week as Mike and Justin begin their look at 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth' with "World's End" and "The Daleks". We manage to goof up opening our own show, have some confusion about the use of and oddness of finding whips, and begin to have a very necessary discussion about how much Daleks is too much Daleks. It may be the post-apocalypse, but if you do as you're told you will be fed and watered. Join us, won't you?


The Doctor Who Hour is a weekly show in which two friends, veteran Who-watcher Justin and first-time Who-watcher Mike, sit down to watch and discuss every episode of Doctor Who, starting from the very beginning. Follow us on Twitter @DoctorWhoHour or email us at TheDoctorWhoHour@gmail.com with questions, concerns, or just general nonsense.


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