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Listen to Mike and Justin discuss every episode of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning!

October 28, 2016

Episode 20 - “A Bargain of Necessity” and “Prisoners of the Conciergerie”

This is it! The end of 'The Reign of Terror' and of the first season of Doctor Who! Join Mike and Justin for "the season finale of France" as they journey through "A Bargain of Necessity" and "Prisoners of the Conciergerie". Topics of discussion include: Traitors, The Usefulness of Eavesdropping, Taking Out a Dude by Throwing a Gun at Him, Barbara Liked Leon the Filthy Traitor Who Deserved To Die Why Would You Argue, More Secret Plots, Inevitable (?) Betrayals, The Secret of James Stirling (tm), Off-screen Heist Shenanigans, Napoleon (Perhaps You've Heard of Him?), Robespierre Was Also a Real Dude, Accidental Mouth Surgery, and Escape to The Woods North of Paris. Join us, won't you?

The Doctor Who Hour is a weekly show in which two friends, veteran Who-watcher Justin and first-time Who-watcher Mike, sit down to watch and discuss every episode of Doctor Who, starting from the very beginning. Follow us on Twitter @DoctorWhoHour or email us at TheDoctorWhoHour@gmail.com with questions, concerns, or just general nonsense. 

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